About us



  • What is Aristegui Art?

Aristegui Art is the company that arises on the artist Iñigo Aristegui Tello.

We work on the artwork that Iñigo creates as well as collaborating in different projects with other businesses, institutions and particulars.



  • About Iñigo…

Born the 19th of october of 1962, the fourth of six children of María Pilar Tello and Jose Mari Aristegui. In Iñigo we can verify the common say “Not made but born an artist” as he’s being over 20 years as an artist creating professionally, but all his life painting, devising and creating.


  • What is he inspired by when creating?

He believes in the inspirations as the sum of knowledge, studies and curiosity.  In constant evolution and enjoyment of learning about history, physics, geology, mythology and sociology. Believing in work as the base together with talent the artwork is created properly.


  • What materials does he use mostly?

Graphite drawings, acrylic paintings, paper plaster, cardboard collages, sand, wicker, ropes and wooden materials.

The sculptures are mainly made of oak wood, beech wood, sweet iron, corten steel, stainless iron and aluminium.