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“Gizona” Sculpture. “The Goodman”



The sculpture “Gizona” arises from the hunger to learn and keep growing of the artist Iñigo Arístegui. Analyzing the beginnings of Euskera (Basque), the original language of the Basque Country, he found the reason and the meaning that the pioneers in this language were looking for when creating the words.

“Gizona”, in english, Man, comes from a word composed of “Giz” and “ona”; which mean “man, human being” and “good” respectively. So in Basque to consider yourself a man, you must be a good person.

Therefore, this sculpture is empty of rancor but full of love. Its material is light but firm, soft iron, it is moldable but lacking in oxygen, so if it is twisted or molded, it won´t return to its being, leaving a mark on it. This figure is transparent and you can see through it. It does not hide anything but wherever it passes it leaves its shadow.



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