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U get a Hug Movement against Covid 19

In these difficult times caused by the Covid 19 virus, we want to do our bit. It is a long time that we have been working with ideas and concepts such as love, friendship, kindness … And a very recurrent gesture in our works is “The Hug”.

That is why when watching the news and the different social networks, and listening to people’s testimonies, it is often repeated that what they miss the most is being able to hug someone close or that the first thing they will do at the end of the quarantine is meet with people special to them and hug them.

The image you can see is a reprography of a hug-shaped sculpture made by hand by Iñigo Arístegui. We want to give away this image (non-commercial) so that whoever wants to, can send a “virtual” hug to someone close, or for example, as a sign of appreciation to someone who is working at the moment or to someone you know is not going through its finnest moments.

You can print it and leave it to your neighbors with a message in their mailbox, make a banner and hang it on the balcony (as we have done), give it to your children to color it, put it as a wallpaper, in short, it can be used for any purpose as long as it is in good faith.

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Click here to download the image


THE HUG: The hug is the only thing in the world that the tighter it is, the more relief it gives. Hugging is caressing the soul of the other person. The hug is joining your heart to that of another person, a small gesture that makes you feel great emotions. It is one of the most important human needs. It reduces stress, gives a feeling of security and protection, helps our self-esteem, transmits energy and strength, improves personal relationships and gives a feeling of tranquility.
So hug, strong, with desire, with your heart and soul, not only will two faces smile, so will two hearts.