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Best Grill Businesses in Tolosa



Our client this time was the city council from a little city here near San Sebastian in the Basque Country, it´s called Tolosa.

They saw via social media some of our works we´ve done for San Sebastian´s City Council and they called us.


They wanted to gift the bests grill businesses in their town, which supose a very important part of their town culture. They wanted something different from the tipical diploma or a little piece of wood written with their name and what did they acomplised. So once they saw what we do they reached out us to talk about what could we create for them.

Some of our clients already know which values or meaning want the creation to have when they reach out us. Some of them don´t, so they trust our inspiration and capabilities. The artist, Iñigo, always has the main role. So he has the last word.

This time we had totally freedom for creating. The unique requirement they asked for was to be a very special present and to do something fitting their budget of course.

So when we want a gift to be unforgettable, we focus a lot on the people receiven this gift and why do they recieve it.

This are the bases of the creation.

First we sent our idea of the project with the meaning it has and all the reasons with the price, and they loved it. So…

In this case, we focused on the grill, which is the main part of their businesses and the main reason the City Council wanted to gift them for.

As Iñigo usually does, he researches a lot of information in regards of this principal theme. As you can see in the image, they simulate the flames coming out of the grill. He wanted the fire to be the protagonist. In the prehistory, the king of the tribu was the man who made the hunting, cooking and kept the fire on.  So this has a big relation with being one of the best grill business in town.

In regards of Tolosa, this little town of the Basque Country, we know that is very important historically. Some of the most important materials The Basque Country has are oak and “sweet iron” (an iron that if you fold it once, it doens´t come back to the original position, that means no errors). So we wanted to use these material in the creation to give more meaning and autenticity.

Finally we engrave with laser the logo of the town, the winners business logo and the partners logo with the sentence: “Zuen lana eskertuz” that means “Appreciating your work” in basque.



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