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SuperSeries 52 Prizes


Our idea of the sculpture is based to two main concepts:

  • Award for the best use of the measure. (Box Rule)
  • People make the difference. (Teamwork)

In the first case, we apply similarities that are the in accordance to the “Box Rule” and the DIN-A rules (Deutsches Institut Für Normung), ISO.

 A metre square of the DI

N-A has the following measures: 1189mm x 841mm. If we take this sheet and fold it we obtain the DIN-A1 measures and successively we obtain the DIN-A4 measures (210mm x 297mm, letter).

 We apply this measure to represent the sculpture of the mainsail.

 Under the rules of “Box Rule” and the DIN-A, we show the best measurement use of the elements.

 In the second point of focus, we refer to people, which make the difference

. We illustrate it with another element of the same measures of the DIN-A4 (letter) which supports the mainsail and we engrave the position with laser incision. The letter style remembers of a handwriting, which reflects the human work.

 We refill this incision with gold paint for the first positioned, silver for the second and bronze for the third.


The synthetic materials that we used is Corian, Surface (1/3 resin, 2/3 aluminium hydroxide, homemade from Dupont Company). Same manufacturer as Kevlar-PBO, etc.

 We mould the material with heat to make the curves of the mainsail in DIN-A4 letter measures.

 We place this sail on a support with the same measures and this time we use it for the inscription of the position obtained.

 Technology, handmade letter, history and future meet together in this sculpture.