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CVCEPHOTO Sculpture – Basque Camping Club

The process of creating the sculpture for the CVCEPHOTO (Basque Camping Club) begins with the vision of different mountain ranges, which are the ones that have been reproduced in the award. Some of them are the Himalayas, the Pyrenees, the Andes and the Rocky Mountains. Each mountain range has been the inspiration for each edition.

The crown-shaped sculpture refers to the moment of crowning the mountain, as well as a sign of victory when being the winner.

The process begins, as can be seen in the video, by drawing the silhouette of the mountain on paper. This drawing is then transferred to the iron, which receives the cuts to give it the desired shape.

Once molded and shaped like a crown, it is welded and silver is added by fire to give it that color, making it return to the organic origin of iron, as can be seen in the video.