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“Golden Drum” Real Sociedad Womens Football Team 2020

When the San Sebastián City Council called us to propose the realization of a sketch of the “Golden Drum”, the highest recognition to a citizen of San Sebastian, we were very excited to know that our design could be stamped in such an award and that, like others artists, they had taken us into account for this great challenge.

An illusion that multiplied when we knew that Iñigo Arístegui would be the chosen artist.

If you ask a person from San Sebastian what is for him the maximum that a citizen of the city of the bay can aspire to, without a doubt, he will tell you that it is to obtain the award of the golden drum.


After analyzing in depth and studying how and with what style the gold drums have been made to date, Iñigo determined that it was time to give it a more modern touch. Several proposals were made, and after choosing which was the format that best suited the council of the City Council, he got down to work.

Seeking to give a personal touch and something that would remind him of San Sebastián, he came up with an idea that he carried out: he wanted to give the lettering an air and resemblance to the crest of the San Sebastian wave. As you can see in the following images of the drum and in the video, the letters have that curve that characterizes the waves when breaking with a land wind. He called this new style of writing “San Sebastians breeze”.

Another very representative characteristic is that the letters seem to be in italics, the meaning is that San Sebastián is a city that advances and therefore the letters lean forward, wanting to advance, improve, progress, grow.

In the next video you can see how the work is being carried out and completed.