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How much art is there in a company?

In order to address this question, the first thing would be to clarify what the concept of “art” is.

Art is a form of expression and a way of communicating. It is the very complicated task of shaping a feeling, be it in sculptural form, painting, in song form, or in any way the artist wishes and is capable of performing.

When the artist creates the work, that feeling is captured and will last generation after generation, just like a writer writes a novel or a director creates a movie.

By extrapolating this concept to the business world, we realize that both start from the same point. With a concern in mind, they decide to take action to express an idea or want to relate to other people in one way or another.

Just as a company is nothing without clients to whom it can provide services, an artwork loses value if there is no one to share that idea with.

Two artworks may resemble each other, but what is behind each one, the essence, is unique and unrepeatable, this also happens with companies.

Today, more than ever, it is important to start with an end in mind, with a philosophy, with values ​​and projects, and although these projects can sometimes take a turn, the essence will remain the same. Every entrepreneur has projects that have failed, like every artist has canvases that have not come to fruition. You will always know how you want to start, but really, you will never know how your project will end.

Art arises from the spirit, from the soul, and if we look at the companies that leave their mark and mark epochs, they all do so through transmitting powerful messages, transmitting essence and soul.

When these two worlds come together, a new dimension arises.

Although art and the business world are different, the essence is the same. Create, relate and express yourself.