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100 Anniversary Behobia – San Sebastian 2019


The Behobia – San Sebastian is one of the most important races in the history of San Sebastian. To commemorate 100 years since the first edition, we made this sculpture for the winners. in the video you can see the reasons for their forms and their significance.

Everything explained by the artist Iñigo Arístegui, creator of the work:

Initially starting from a closed rectangle; this represents life, day to day. Referring to the fact that our days are based on a routine, a little “squared” and that we do not get out of it very often.

Precisely, the Behobia – San Sebastián race is what draws the participants out of that day to day. Setting a goal, getting out of our comfort zone, isolating ourselves from what surrounds us and ourselves during training and exceeding ourselves … That is what this race represents.

And as we leave our rectangle, the sculpture emerges, which advances and wants to reach the shores of “La concha” beach.

Iñigo, wants to represent San Sebastian in the curves and shapes of the runners, referring to the bay itself that appears when reaching the finish line on the Boulevard.