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We have been making the sculpture-trophy for the City of San Sebastián International Tennis Competition for 4 years. Tennis players who aspire to enter the ranking of the 100 best in the world participate in this tournament.

The first year we made the design that can be seen in the photo. It is a racket with a soft iron handle and a stainless steel racket silhouette, all supported by an oak wood base. It makes a nod to the logo of San Sebastián European Cultural City 2016.

The three circles that can be seen on the racket refer to the balls that the ballboy gives to the player before the serve; as well as the three mountains that can be seen in the San Sebastian bay. To the left Igeldo, Santa Clara Island in the middle and finally Urgull. The bay would be the lower part of “the three mountains”, at the end of the racket handle.


Later, we renewed the design with a more minimalist touch, and this is the sculpture that is delivered today.

It represents the initiation, the serve. The idea of ​​representing the serve arises from the purpose of the tournament, which is to enter the 100 best players in the world. That is why the beginning of the point nods to the beginning of a stage that begins, either for the tennis player or for the future of tennis.

In the Sculpture, the moment of maximum effort is reflected, the moment of union between the player and the ball that starts the point.

As in the previous sculpture, in this one its shapes and curves also recall San Sebastian and its characteristic bay.