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How to make a gift that they will NEVER forget

We know that sometimes giving a gift is not an easy task, but it can be very pleasant. When a gift is very good, when you see the exitment and happiness that you provoke in the other person, it is as if the gift you were actually giving yourself. And that is the best feeling you can have in these cases, it is a sign of having done really well and that person will surely remember it forever.

It is more than proven that people, we receive much better and more grateful a gift from a person we appreciate and love than from a person who has not been so present in your life.

Imagine that you want to give a gift to an employee who is retiring, in gratitude for his years of work.

Don’t you think it will be easier for that employee to gladly receive the gift if you’ve had a good relationship over the years?

The same goes for friendships. Put yourself in the situation of having failed a friend and you still notice that resentment every time you are with that person. Obviously, a person will more eagerly receive a gift from a person with whom they have a healthy and true relationship.

So if you think you are in the group of healthy relationships with that person, Congratulations! , you already have a lot of cattle; On the contrary, if you think that you are not in the best moment or you simply would like that relationship to work better, it is never too late to show more interest and make him see that you care.

Let’s get to what concerns us: How do I make a difference? What can I do so that they never forget that special detail? How to awaken an immense illusion in that person?

After searching for an article, guide or writing that resembles this topic we are dealing with, we have realized that, in general, more global aspects are dealt with and it does not go into so much detail.

For our part, we have been in this sector for about 20 years; And we have realized from the experiences of our clients, that these 4 points will decide if you will not be successful or you will succeed:


1- Tangible over intangible.

This is the first point that nobody mentions. It is always said that a sentimental gift is better than an object. This is totally true.

The reason is that people are moved by emotions, and there are emotions that are much more durable than others. For example, the feeling of love towards someone will always last longer than the feeling of whim, of wanting something.

Another example could be giving a dinner, inviting that person to dinner. It is a great idea since the best thing you can give to a person is your time, which is the only thing you will not have back. But maybe that dinner, unless something special happens, will be a mere celebratory dinner and will not go too far.

So what we talk about is going one step further.

Something that combines feelings with something physical. Why do we prefer it to be physical?

Because that person will be able to see it on the bedside table every time they go to sleep, in the office every time they have to work, in the living room when they sit down to watch television after a long day … Almost all of our memories come from 5 senses, something you have smelled and it reminds you of something your grandmother cooked for you.

You see a 600 on the street and it reminds you of some time in your childhood, for example.

So the more you get to be in that person’s day to day, the more often you will be remembered.


2- It is for them, not for you.

How many times does the person giving the gift think they would like it and they don’t? Or maybe not as much as you thought.

A clear example in this case is clothing. Maybe you thought that he would like that jacket because you like it and it is your style, but it turns out that he did not like it very much or you did not have the reaction you expected (which means that he did not like it but he/she didn´t say anything).

Well, this happens because you can have an idea of ​​what he may like, but ultimately it is your tastes that decide.

So you have to think and put yourself in the shoes of the other person. Think about her/his concerns, passions, desires, motivations, the things that matter most to him/her. Because if you bring up one of those topics, you’ll hit a chord. And that’s where you will make a difference, they will never forget you.

(Plácido Domingo receiving one of our creations)

Here are some questions that can help you get to know that person better:

What does he/she spend his/her time on?
What does he/she like?
What are his/her passions?
What does he/she usually talk about?
What are his/her aspirations or motivations? Hobbies?
Struggling to get something?


3- Connection points:

With connection points we mean links, things in common.

What is it that he/she can feel that you understand him? This is one of the deep desires of people. Feeling understood. That is why people develop stronger bonds with people who have shared experiences that have marked them for years. They can be positive or negative experiences: someone who was with you in the car when you had a serious accident, those people who were part of your team when you won that championship, that friend who was there when your family member died, someone you have known same hometown when you now live far away … These things will make him feel like you understand him/her and strengthen ties.


4- Delivery time:

The moment and context are very important when giving the gift. You should know with whom he/she would like to share that moment that he will always remember. Loved ones will always want to be a part of that moment. Perhaps in a special place for that person, a place where they have a nice memory, a place where you have a bond, where their marriage proposal occurred, for example.

That is why it is very important to analyze the context, what this gift will be about, what is the reason for making it …

So if you really want to do something remarkable, you will have to do some research and be a little creative too. But I assure you that it will be worth it and it will be a unique moment for that person, and also for you.


(Jose María “Chema” Olazabal receives recognition)


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We hope this article will serve you well and that the gift you want to make is a complete success!