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San Sebastián Bay Rowing 2019



This new edition of the Antziak rowing race took place in the bay of San Sebastian in a post-marked circuit. The winner would be those who made the route in the lowest time possible. 

We wanted to contribute in a small way with the donation of the trophy. The figure represents the boat arising in the sea, with a team of four rowers and the helmsperson. The position of this sculpture represents the stroke, which is the moment that the rowers make the maximum effort to go towards the desired direction. All of them at the same time and towards the same direction, if not, they won’t reach their destination in the first place.

In the video it can be seen some of the steps taken to the realization of this sculpture, as for some images of the race and the presentation of the awards.

We are very happy to have been part of this sacrificing and enjoyable race.

You can find more images of the race in the Urkirolak webpage.