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Connecting Talent Itziar Estevez

Itziar Estevez, currently a Siemens senior executive, has been chosen to receive this first Connecting Talent award. This new award, focused as “The Golden Drum of San Sebastian innovation”, highest recognition of the city council,  was created by the Development Department of San Sebastian with the intention of recognizing people educated in San Sebastian and who are succeeding in a business field.

Itziar is a clear example of this; A native of Irún, after going to school in France, she obtained the selectivity in Paris. She then returned to San Sebastian after opting for engineering studies at Tecnun. She enjoyed an Erasmus exchange in Munich, where she would carry out her final year project at BMW, where she would begin her professional career as a production engineer for the next four years.

Wanting to complete her training, Itziar received a grant from the Ramon Areces Foundation to study an MBA at the London Business School. To finally return to Munich to the Siemens Venture Capital.

Without forgetting her origins, she has wanted to help San Sebastian technology companies with her work to get potential investors and industrial partners.

The sculpture symbolizes the San Sebastian bay through three key elements of the city: the sandstone of Igeldo, the iron and the water of the Cantabrian Sea that has oxidized it, giving it an unmistakable texture.



This is the notebook that was made with the explanation of the work and its meaning, for Itziar.


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